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Wireless technology for intelligent building automation

Quick Start Guide updated.
IQRF IDE v4.08.

IQRF - Technology for wireless

Technology for wireless

Connecting devices to IoT via wireless mesh networks


1 Nov 2015 - 29 Feb 2016
8 Dec 2015
IQRF Startup packages for TR-7xD and TR-5xD with IQRF OS v3.07D updated for DPA v2.24 and IDE v4.32.
8 Dec 2015
DPA v2.24 released. Fixed the issue of released DCTR-7x DPA versions from 2.20 to 2.23 plugins that overwrite a tail of Custom DPA Handlers of size above 736 instructions. It is strongly recommend to upgrade to DPA v2.24. » Release notes.
7 Dec 2015
IQRF IDE v4.32 released.
3 Dec 2015
GW-ETH-02A firmware v2.74 released.
24 Nov 2015
Breakout boards IQRF-BB-01 and IQRF-BB-02 released.